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Nallikari Beach

Year-round life on the beach that never sleeps.

Nallikari’s gently sloping, fine-sanded, one kilometre long beach is the most popular beach for swimmers and sunbathers in Oulu. The beach is shallow enough to suit even the smallest swimmers in your family! In the summertime, the beach is full of sunbathers, swimmers, bicyclists and beach sports enthusiasts. In the wintertime, the white snow blanketing the beach is home to ice hole fishers, skiers, and those admiring the Northern Lights.

Nallikari Beach

Nallikari Beach in Oulu offers its visitors many wonderful attractions and experiences throughout the year. The unique atmosphere and hospitable environment of Oulu make it an ideal destination for travelers from near and far. One of the city’s undeniable treasures is Nallikari sandy beach, located just a short distance from the bustling center of Oulu. Nallikari Beach is famous for its beautiful one-kilometer-long sandy shoreline and amazing experiences.

Nallikarin uimarannalta löytyy lasten kiipeilyteline ja pehmeää hiekkaa
Nallikari Beach stands as an unparalleled beach paradise. Its golden-yellow sand acts like a magnet, attracting visitors and providing a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Enchanting Beach Paradise in Nallikari

As Oulu thrives in the heart of Northern Finland, Nallikari Beach stands as an unparalleled beach paradise. Its golden-yellow sand acts like a magnet, attracting visitors and providing a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Accessing the beach is easy, as it is only a few kilometers away from Oulu’s city center and has excellent transportation connections. Therefore, it is the perfect spot for a summer day trip or a quick moment of relaxation.

During the summer, swimming is a popular activity, and the cool waters of the Baltic Sea offer a refreshing experience after a hot day. At the beach, you’ll find a grill area, a climbing frame for children, and a small fitness area. So, pack your grill treats and swimsuit and head to Nallikari for a day trip. Nallikari also provides changing rooms and restroom facilities, one of which is accessible to all. All these amenities are freely available for visitors to use at Nallikari Aalto.

Family-Friendly Beach in Oulu

Nallikari Beach is a family-friendly beach in Oulu. The sandy shore offers a wide range of activities suitable for all ages. Children can build sandcastles, play in the water, enjoy the children’s playground, or take part in activities such as football and volleyball games. The shallow waters near the shore provide a safe environment for children to play, giving parents peace of mind and the chance to relax.

Stunning Scenery and Recreational Opportunities by the Beach

Nallikari Beach not only offers a beautiful sandy shore and swimming opportunities but also boasts breathtaking scenery. The beach provides a captivating view, and its sunsets create unforgettable moments. Many visitors prefer to spend time at the beach during sunset to enjoy this atmospheric experience.

Nallikari Beach is also an excellent destination for nature enthusiasts. The area features beautiful walking trails that allow visitors to explore Oulu’s unique nature. Birdwatching, especially during spring and autumn when thousands of migratory birds use the area as a stopover, is particularly popular.

Furthermore, Nallikari Beach provides opportunities for active winter adventures. The sparkling frozen sea is perfect for activities such as cycling, snowshoeing, or even ice fishing.

Year-Round Beach Destination in Oulu

While most beaches in Oulu are popular only during the summer season, Nallikari Beach offers experiences all year round. In the summer, the one-kilometer-long sandy beach and seawater naturally draw visitors. In the autumn, as the evenings grow darker, the Northern Lights season begins, and Nallikari’s location far from city lights and its excellent visibility make it an ideal spot for viewing the auroras.

During winter, the beach transforms into a beautiful winter landscape, taking on a whole new enchanting appearance. Snow and the frozen sea lining the shore create fantastic photography opportunities that appeal to nature and photography enthusiasts alike. Winter activities are also highly popular in Nallikari. For example, you can go skiing, snowshoeing, or ice fishing in the morning.

Nallikari Beach is undoubtedly a destination worth visiting in Oulu. Its stunning sandy beach and diverse activities offer unforgettable moments for visitors of all ages. Whether it’s summer or winter, the beach always offers something special and beautiful. So, head to Nallikari and experience incredible adventures.


The pets’ swimming area can be found on the right side of Nallikari Lighthouse. Please note that bringing pets to the public swimming beach is prohibited.


Beach Boulevard is accessible during the summer months and there is a rubber mat that provides access to the sandy beach.

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