Nallikarin majakka

Nallikari Lighthouse

Nallikari Lighthouse is the most iconic sight by the sea in Oulu.

Nallikari Lighthouse is the most important seaside landmark in Oulu.

Nallikari Lighthouse is one of Oulu’s most important landmarks and one of the most popular sightseeing spots for those in search of a great view. It has been melting the hearts of both locals and visitors on the Nallikari seaside since 1988.

Great views by the sea since 1988

Nallikari Observation Tower, better known as Nallikari Lighthouse, was built on top of the breakwater at the northern end of the beach in 1988. It was designed by the architectural company NVØ to symbolise the unique spirit of Oulu.

Nallikari Lighthouse has been popular ever since, and it remains the most important seaside landmark in Oulu to this day. Climbing all the way to the top level is free of charge – and is an unforgettable experience. The view out towards the sea from the top level is magnificient. This is where people come to admire the famously beautiful sunsets, to marvel at the gleaming, white surface of the frozen sea, and to gaze at stars and auroras during the darkest months of the year. The view from Nallikari Lighthouse is worth seeing in every season.

Nallikari Lighthouse is a photo album favourite

Nallikari Lighthouse is the star of the beautiful scenery of the Nallikari beach, and it’s a perennial favourite for photo albums. The scenery has found international fame, too; it was picked as a lockscreen image for Microsoft Windows 10 in 2020. In addition, Nallikari Lighthouse has been one of the most photographed locations in Finland on Instagram for a long time, now.

The best pictures of Nallikari Lighthouse are taken either right at the bottom of the lighthouse, or from further away along the beach. Selfies, family portraits, and wedding pictures. TikTok dances, fashion shoots, and silhouette pics. Nallikari Lighthouse is just as picturesque as the subject of a photo as it is as a backdrop.

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