Nature trails in Hietasaari

The Nallikari area features verdant outdoor paths and five kilometres of lovely nature trails.

Hietasaari’s verdant outdoor exercise trails are a great way to get to know the different flora zones of the seaside while enjoying the peace of nature right in the middle of the city. The trails are quiet, and they suit the whole family thanks to their easy terrain.

Outdoor trails in Hietasaari

The outdoor exercise trails in Hietasaari run open to the southern side of Nallikari beach along the seaside. The nearest parking options can be found in Nallikari, and the number 15 bus from Oulu’s public transportation services will take you just a few hundred metres away from the trailhead.

Get to know the emersion coastline and its various fauna zones on the outdoor exercise trails in Hietasaari. You’ll find seaside meadows, verdant woods, and herb-rich forests on the way. The region is home to a lot of nesting birds, which makes it an interesting location for bird watchers, too. The nature-watching platform in Loistokari or the bird watching tower in Rantakurvi are fantastic places for spotting new species.

All in all, the 5.2 kilometre long Hietasaari Loop is the longest continuous trail in the area which covers the most important sights in Hietasaari. There are also five other, shorter trails available in the area. Thanks to their easy terrain, these trails suit the whole family, and are accessible to those using wheelchairs or pushing prams outside of the wettest seasons.

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