You and your pets are welcome to have a pleasant stay in Nallikari by the sea.

Pets are allowed in the Messi Summer Cottages, Holiday Cottages, and in some Poiju Villa Soolo apartments.

Pets are not allowed to stay on the terraces of the pet-free apartments, either.

Pssst! We only charge the pet fee for the first five nights of your stay.

Pets are also welcome in the camping sites

Pssst! The Ruori site is the closest area to the fenced dog park in the middle of our premises.

Nallikari has fantastic scenery to explore with your pets!

Please make sure that your pets are always on leash when you take them out in public areas.

In the fenced dog park, our furry friends are free to frolic as they like!

Please clean up after your pets (including their faeces) in order to maintain general cleanliness and hygiene

The reception is happy to supply you with a free poo bag if you need one!

Pets are also welcome on the patio of the Nallikari B&B!

The sunny patio in front of the reception is a nice place to hang out and watch the world go by.
Please remember to keep both your pet and yourself supplied with plenty of drinking water!

The place to take your pets for a swim is located on the right side of the famous Nallikari Lighthouse and Restaurant Nallikari. Enjoy a dip in the refreshing sea water with your pet!

Pssst! Please note that pets are not permitted in the sandy beach area.

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