Spend time comfortably and accessibly in Nallikari. There is plenty of accessible accommodations, restaurants, and a broad beach boulevard to explore.

Esteetön pysäköintipaikka löytyy Nallikari Lomakylän vastaanoton edestä


You will find plenty of asphalt-surfaced public parking spots along Leiritie in Nallikari. The parking area in front of Nallikari Holiday Village has caravan combination parking spots that are accessible for those with limited mobility; these are indicated by painted signage on the ground.

Each apartment has a parking place for guest use. The roads and paths in the area are accessible, but the parking areas in the area are not deemed to be accessible.

Please read more information about arriving at Nallikari and parking.


Nallikari Holiday Village Reception

Nallikari Holiday Village’s reception is located a short distance away from the car park in the front of the building. The reception is located in a building with a gradually sloping ramp that is 108 cm wide. The ramp runs alongside the building’s walls, and it has a handrail for support. The main entrance has an automatic, electronic door opener, and the doorway is approximately 90 cm wide. The entryway has a clear path to the reception.

The reception desk is 115 cm high, and our staff is always ready and happy to help you on the other side of the desk, too. Our reception desk has an induction loop which is clearly signposted.

Nallikari Aalto – Aava Superior plus apartments

The hotel and commercial building Nallikari Aalto has accessible entry. The entrance leading to the staircase of the apartments has an electronic door opening, and the door is 90 cm wide. Access to the floors and hotel apartments is via an elevator located opposite the external door. The elevator buttons are positioned at a height of approximately 125 cm.

The Aava Superior plus apartments are accessible and located at both ends of the building on the second and third floors. The exterior doors of the Aava Superior plus apartments are 90 cm wide, and the apartments feature tile and laminate flooring. The Aava Superior plus apartments have one separate bedroom with an 80 cm wide sliding door. The separate beds in the room are 80 cm wide, with approximately one meter of space between them. The hallway leading to the living room is approximately 110 cm wide and features a kitchen and bathroom along its length. The bathroom has a 41 cm high toilet seat, and there is a threshold approximately 2 cm high. The sauna in the bathroom is not accessible. Shower chairs are available upon request, with a limited number.

The double bed on the living room corner is 50 cm high and 160 cm wide, with ample space on the living room side. The balcony and balcony hot tub are not accessible.

Please see the floorplan of Aalto Apartments here.

Accessible Villas: A22, A23, and A24

Nallikari Holiday Village has accessible Villas which are located at the back of the second “loop” in the Villa site. The Villas can be entered via a gradually sloping, fixed ramp, and the accommodation features laminate and tile flooring and 90 cm wide doorways.

The accommodations have two separate bedrooms which both have 80 cm wide beds. Both beds are surrounded by approximately 25 cm of space on both sides, and the beds are approximately 50 cm high. The bathrooms are equipped with a shower chair, and they have a 41 cm high toilet seat that does not have separate handrests.

Please see Villa Kippari’s (6+2 persons, 92 m2 area) floorplan and read more about our Villas here.

Holiday Cottages with 1 BR

Nallikari Holiday Village’s 1 Bedroom Holiday Cottages have steps leading up to their entryway; a mobile ramp is available to make these Cottages accessible. The threshold between the front door and the cottage frame is 6 cm high, and the doors to the cottages are 90 cm wide. All of our Holiday Cottages have laminate and tile flooring. The bedrooms feature two separate 80 cm wide, 50 cm high beds. The space between the beds can be arranged to be approx. 110 cm wide. The bathrooms have 41 cm high toilet seats with no handrests. Shower chairs are available on request, but they are limited in quantity.

Camping Area

Nallikari Holiday Village’s Camping Site has accessible pathways and roads, even asphalt, gravel, and grass surfaced camping pitches as well as accessible service buildings.

The Ruori service building can be entered via a gradually sloping, 115 cm wide ramp running along the side of the building. There’s a handrail running alongside the building’s wall. The inside of the building features accessible toilets and showers.

The Kuunari service building features kitchen facilities, laundry room, laundry drying room, and public sauna that are all accessible to people with limited mobility. All the doorways in the building are 90 cm wide, and the thresholds are 2 cm high at most. In the kitchen, all counters, sinks, and cooktops are 90 cm high. The dining tables can be moved around, and the room can be arranged so that there’s at most 2 metres of space. The clothes washing machine and the drier in the laundry room are both at ground level. The machine for tokens is at a height of 150 cm. The public sauna facilities have a spacious dressing room and shower booths that are approx. 80 cm wide. The shower facilities include one shower chair that also fits well into the sauna.

Nallikarin uimarannan rantabulevardi on esteetön ja rannalle on asennettu kumimatto helpottamaan liikkumista

Nallikari Beach

The beach boulevard on Nallikari Beach is accessible, and can be entered via three different entryways. An accessible outdoor toilet booth can be found along the middle entry path, as well as a red rubber carpet leading to the lifeguards’ tower and the sandy beach. The rubber carpet makes getting around easier for those pushing baby prams or using rolling walkers or wheelchairs on the stretch between the beach and the beach boulevard. Lifeguards are traditionally on site every day from mid-June to mid-August. During this time, a Hippocampe cross-country wheelchair can be borrowed from the lifeguards; wheelchair users can utilise the Hippocampe to get to a swimmable depth in the water. There’s also a campfire site in front of Restaurant Nallikari which has an accessible path via the beach boulevard.

NOTE: There’s no winter maintenance on the Nallikari beach boulevard.

Ravintola Nallikari


The accessible entryway to Restaurant Nallikari, at the north end of the beach, is found behind the building. Accessible toilets are found within the restaurant.

Our local restaurant services are provided by ProDine Oy, who owns the restaurants in Nallikari. The owners of the business would be happy to provide you with more information about the accessibility of their premises via phone and e-mail. +358445151500 /

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