Nallikarin Studiolomamökin tupakeittiössä on kaksi erillistä vuodetta.

Spend the summer holiday like a Finn – book the cottage By the Sea in Nallikari!


Rent cottages in Oulu and relax in high-quality rental cottages in Nallikari

Experience an unforgettable cottage vacation in the beautiful surroundings of Nallikari. We offer the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the stunning views by the sea. The cottages provide a perfect escape to recharge your batteries and create memorable moments with your loved ones. Wake up to the refreshing sea breeze, enjoy coffee on the terrace, and dive into the sea. Don’t miss out on this unique experience – book your own cottage vacation today!

Nallikari, an ideal destination

Nallikari offers everything you can wish for in a traditional Finnish cottage vacation. The area is known for its stunning natural landscapes where you can immerse yourself in the peace and beauty of nature. Its unique location just a short distance from the city of Oulu allows you to enjoy the diverse cultural and restaurant offerings of the city. Here, you can enjoy the tranquility of nature during the day and refreshing urban experiences in the evenings. The location combines the best of both worlds – nature and city – making Nallikari a perfect destination for relaxation, adventure, and a memorable holiday.

Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic weekend with your partner, or an adventure with friends, Nallikari has everything you need. The cottages in Nallikari provide an excellent base for your vacation.

Nallikari cottages provide the perfect getaway to recharge your batteries and create memorable moments with loved ones.

Rental cottages

The rental cottages offer high-quality accommodation and abundant comfort, ensuring a cozy and relaxing holiday. All accommodations include bed linen, towels, and final cleaning, making it easy to enjoy your stay without unnecessary worries. The selection includes traditional holiday cottages, modern villas, and Messi summer cottages. Traditional holiday cottages are suitable for smaller groups, while the villas with a sauna are perfect for those seeking modern accommodation.

The villas are equipped with a fireplace and sauna, providing a relaxing and warm atmosphere. Additionally, each cottage has its own small terrace where you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. The cottages offer a combination of comfort and closeness to nature, providing a balance between relaxation and adventure.

Activities in Nallikari

Nallikari’s range of activities makes your cottage vacation an unforgettable adventure. The waterways in the area offer excellent opportunities for various water sports such as kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. In Nallikari, you can also relax on the sandy beach, enjoy the sun, and swim in the refreshing seawater.

For nature enthusiasts, Nallikari provides excellent opportunities for hiking, cycling, and walking tours. Take a day trip through Pikisaari, explore the forests in the area, and enjoy the fresh air. There are well-maintained outdoor trails where you can walk or cycle.

The city of Oulu, located near Nallikari, offers many interesting attractions and activities. Explore the city’s historical sites, such as the cathedral, or visit interesting museums. The vibrant cultural scene in the city offers something for every taste, whether it’s theater, music, or art.

Nallikari offers various services that enhance your holiday experience. There are two restaurants in the area where you can enjoy delicious dinners or fresh coffee. Additionally, Nallikari hosts various events and guided activities throughout the year.

Family Vacation in Oulu

Nallikari is a great destination for a family vacation, as it offers numerous activities and services for children as well. The playgrounds in the area are full of fun activities, such as swings, climbing frames, and sandboxes. Children can enjoy the freedom and joy of playing in the surrounding nature.

Located next to the Holiday Village, Vauhtipuisto is a popular destination for locals and tourists seeking active and fun outdoor activities. It offers a versatile range of activities suitable for both children and adults.

Nallikari’s sandy beach is popular among families. Children can build sandcastles and splash in the water. Lifeguards are traditionally present on the beach from mid-June to mid-August, ensuring safe water play for children.

You can also rent bicycles in Nallikari, allowing the whole family to explore the beautiful landscapes together and embark on new adventures. Nallikari offers unforgettable moments, joy, and the pleasure of movement for children. The diverse services in the area guarantee a memorable holiday filled with happiness and laughter for the whole family.

The cottages offer a combination of comfort and closeness to nature, providing a balance between relaxation and adventure.

Book a Cottage Rental in Oulu

When looking for the perfect cottage rental and traditional experience in Oulu, Nallikari’s cottages offer an excellent choice. Relax in the midst of nature, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and take advantage of the activities offered in the area. Nallikari is a popular destination throughout the year, so book your cottage in advance and secure a memorable holiday for yourself.

Explore the selection of Nallikari’s cottages and find the one that suits you. The website provides detailed information about the cottages, their amenities, and availability. You can book your accommodation directly on the site and ensure an unforgettable stay in Oulu.

Don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city – book a cottage vacation in Nallikari and enjoy a relaxing and nature-filled environment. A cottage rental in Oulu offers the perfect opportunity to break free from everyday life and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

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