Nallikari Holiday Village helps guests compensate for their carbon footprint


Nallikari Holiday Village offers its guests the opportunity to have the carbon footprint of their stay compensated. This service is a collaboration with Wood Forest Finland Oy, a Finnish company. The accommodation carbon compensation fee is €0.15 per each day of stay. The price is based on the calculations made for Nallikari Holiday Village’s overall carbon footprint. It accounts for both direct and indirect Scope 1–3 emissions.

Carbon footprint compensation is the process of compensating for any adverse climate effects through various means, such as minimising or sequestrating emissions in other aspects of our operations.

Together with Wood Forest Finland, a Finnish company, Nallikari offers its guests the opportunity to compensate for the carbon footprint of their stay. Wood Forest Finland compensates for CO2 emissions by planting new forest on soil that would not otherwise become wooded, or which would not otherwise be afforested due to practical or financial concerns. Each planted tree takes up CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows; many sources agree that afforestation is the most efficient way to remove CO2 emissions.

Wood Forest Finland plants trees onto a former peat bog whose CO2 sequestration rate is based on calculations made by the Natural Resource Institute of Finland (Luonnonvarakeskus). Wood Forest Finland is committed to a 100-year period of CO2 sequestration, and always overcompensates its projects by planting 20% more tree saplings than required by the calculations. The forest in question is insured, and will not be subjected to regeneration felling.

Carbon footprint compensation in Nallikari

Nallikari Holiday Village carbon footprint has been calculated annually from 2020 onwards. The current carbon footprint for each night of stay is 3.36 kg of CO2 based on the calculations made in 2021. The emissions calculations include all direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions. Based on the carbon footprint calculations, the compensation fee for each night of stay per person came out at €0.15.

“Offering carbon footprint compensation for the accommodations our guests enjoy is a huge leap forward in our environmental work. We were inspired to do this when we received the Green Key certification, which Nallikari Holiday Village has been granted since 2018,” said Antti Romppanen, the Environmental Officer for Nallikari Holiday Village.

“It’s wonderful that launching this option helps us communicate our environmental values and practices to our guests and partners much more visibly and efficiently. This also helps us inspire others to take part in the important work of protecting our environment. We hope our guests embrace this option, and that we can work together to minimise the environmental impact of our activities,” Romppanen went on to say.

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Sustainability officer Antti Romppanen,
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Nallikari Holiday Village is a year-round resort in Oulu, Finland, and it has been granted both the Green Key certification and the Sustainable Travel Finland badge by Visit Finland. It is located by the sea, near the famous Nallikari beach. The company offers a variety of accommodation options, including villas, holiday cottages, camping sites, and summer cottages that are available only in the summertime. The area also includes modern service buildings, sauna and conference facilities, and a restaurant.

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