Environmental work and carbon footprint

Nallikari’s operations are run with care and consideration for the environment every day of the year. Our goal is a fully carbon neutral Holiday Village by 2030.

Sustainable and responsible development are the primary practices for Nallikari in all avenues. We wish to use sustainable development practises to guarantee the preservation of our gorgeous nature and the ability to enjoy it for future generations, too.

Nallikari Holiday Village has the ambitious goal of being carbon neutral by 2030.

Environmental work

Nallikari Holiday Village was granted the Green Key certification for the first time in 2018 as a sign of its devotion to increasing the environmental awareness of its staff and customers, improving their use of water, and minimising the environmental load created by their accommodations. As an extension to their Green Key certified environmental work, Nallikari Holiday Village was also the first business in the Oulu region to be granted the Sustainable Travel Finland badge created by VisitFinland in 2021. The badge was granted to acknowledge our work for meeting the national standards set for sustainable travel industry services in Finland.

We support all environmentally friendly modes of transport, exercise, travel and events that take place in our natural surroundings. We rent out equipment for self-directed outdoor pursuits, and are happy to instruct our customers in ways to get to know the beautiful outdoors routes in Hietasaari. As a location with the Welcome Cyclist sign, we have made a commitment to the availability, ease, and quality of the services that cycling travellers need. We would like to remind all visitors to Hietasaari to bear the Finnish Right to Roam and the outdoors etiquette in mind while out and about. We also expect our corporate partners to use environmentally friendly approaches.

Nallikari Holiday Village carbon footprint

Nallikari Holiday Village carbon footprint has been calculated annually from 2020 onwards, and is 5,62 kg CO2e per each accommodation night according to the 2022 calculations. The emissions calculations include all direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the calculations made in 2022, 87% of Nallikari Holiday Village’s carbon footprint is due to the use of electricity and district heating. Those are followed by 6% from waste, 3% from laundry services, 1% from cleaning services, 2% from the staffs commutes to and from work, 1% from fuel usage, and 0.02% from water usage.

In 2020, Nallikari Holiday Village and Ramboll Oy created a carbon roadmap for the years 2021–2030. This roadmap’s purpose is to clarify plans and to create concrete goals for minimising the carbon footprint. The overarching goal is carbon neutrality by 2030.

Carbon footprint offset and carbon sink

Nallikari Holiday Village offers guests the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of their stay in collaboration with the Finnish company Wood Forest Finland Oy. The emissions from the accommodation are based on Nallikari Holiday Village’s carbon footprint, and these emissions are offset through Wood Forest Finland’s domestic carbon sink located in Jyletneva, Siikalatva. More information about the carbon sink can be found in Finnish here.

Based on the calculations for the year 2022, the cost of offsetting the carbon footprint of accommodation is €0.24 per person per overnight stay. The calculation takes into account both direct and indirect Scope 1-3 emissions. Offset contributions can be made either during the booking process when reservations are made directly through Nallikari Holiday Village’s booking channel or upon arrival at the reception.

The progress of Nallikari Holiday Village's footprint

2022: 5,62kg CO2e per accommodation day
2021: 3,37kg CO2e per accommodation day
2020: 3,79kg CO2e per accommodation day

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