We want to provide detailed accessibility information to offer the most comfortable visit as possible for all our guests. At the moment, we have been taken things below into account, although there is still a lot that we can do to make our Holiday Village more accessible. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our reception.

Parking and roads

  • Parking area in front of the reception has one accessible parking spot for a caravan
  • There is also one parking spot per accommodation unit. Roads are accessible but park spots haven’t designed to be officially accessible.


  • Ramped (108cm wide in its narrowest point) and it has a handrail.
  • The main entrance has an electric door which is 90 cm wide
  • There is a clear route from the entrance to the reception
  • The reception desk is 115 cm of height, and our staff is always ready to help on the other side of the desk as well.
  • The reception desk has an induction loop and it is clearly marked with a sign.



  • Villas are pet free and are cleaned with unscented detergents and ultrapure water.
  • Villas are ramped
  • Hard laminate and tile floors
  • Threshold to the bathroom 2cm
  • Doors 90cm wide
  • Bedrooms have two 80cm wide single beds. Next to the beds on both sides there is around 25 cm of free space. The beds are around 50 cm of height.
  • Toilet seat is 41cm of height, no foldable armrests
  • Shower chairs can be found in all accessible villas


  • Movable ramps available, no handrail.
  • Hard, laminate and tile floors
  • Threshold between the front door and the cottage is 6cm
  • Doors are 90cm wide
  • The bedroom has two 80cm wide beds. 110cm space is possible to arrange between beds.
  • Beds are 50 cm of height
  • Toilet seat 41 cm, no foldable armrests
  • Shower chair is available subject to availability. Please book it beforehand at the reception.

Service buildings Ruori & Kuunari


  • Ramped, 115 cm wide in its narrowest point, handrail is available next to the wall
  • Accessible toilets and showers


  • Accessible kitchen, laundry and drying room facilities and public sauna.
  • Doors are 90cm wide
  • Thresholds max 2cm
  • Public sauna has spacious changing room and 80cm wide shower corners. Shower chairs are available subject to availability and it is possible to take to the sauna as well.

Nallikari beach

  • Beach boulevard is accessible
  • Accessible fireplace next to Restaurant Nallikari
  • Accessible toilet on the beach during the summer
  • Hippocampe -wheelchair available to get to the beach during the highest season of the summer. Please contact the lifeguards.
  • No winter service at the beach boulevard