Our people and values

Nallikari is bold and open. By the sea in Nallikari, you are warmly welcomed just as you are.

Nallikari welcomes you just the way you are.

Social responsibility plays a significant role in Nallikari’s operations and development. We welcome everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, or other backgrounds. As an employer, we are committed to equality and have zero tolerance for discrimination and inequality. Outside the area, we want to support local organizations and, to the best of our ability, do concrete good.

All and everyone is welcome by the sea

Social responsibility is one of our key values and therefore, we want to provide a safe environment for all our visitors every day of the year. You can come to us regardless of your sexual orientation, religion, or other backgrounds. We want everyone visiting Nallikari to feel comfortable and accepted, whether it’s a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a business trip.

We invest in staff training, and every member of our staff is committed to respecting diverse backgrounds and needs. We want to be present and offer equal service to every customer. Here in Nallikari, you are welcome just the way you are.

Courageous responsiveness

The foundation of our company is a bold and innovative approach that guides our daily work. Courage is evident in our willingness to try new ideas and approaches in our business. Innovations are crucial to us, and we constantly strive to find new ways to enhance our operations and provide our customers with even better services.

We face challenges openly and view them as opportunities to learn and grow. Overcoming challenges with a constructive approach is part of our corporate culture. Open communication and collaboration, key elements for the strength of our team, support this constructive approach. We are a workplace where, through ideas and continuous improvement, we develop both ourselves and the company’s operations.

Employee well-being

At Nallikari, we value diversity and the well-being of all. We know that satisfied employees are crucial when we want to provide the best possible service to our customers. Therefore, we consistently invest in the well-being of our staff.

As an employer, we are committed to equality and have zero tolerance for discrimination and inequality. We focus on the orientation of new employees and provide opportunities for training and career advancement for our current staff. We support each other in our work and strive to maintain an inclusive atmosphere. Genuine listening and sincere support for each other have received positive feedback from both past and current Nallikari employees.

“As a Nallikari employee, the best part is the diversity of work and supportive colleagues. The international work environment, especially in the summer, brings variety to the days. The training for job tasks is excellent and thorough. Thanks for that and for the many great moments at the Holiday Village reception one summer!” – Elina

“The work atmosphere is open and good, making it a pleasant place to work.” – Siina

“The training was excellent, the work atmosphere was fantastic, and it was easy to communicate with colleagues.” – Kalle

Community engagement

Our social responsibility extends beyond our immediate area. We value the cultural heritage of the surrounding regions and take pride in the decades-long recreational and cultural history of Hietasaari. We collaborate with local organizations and strive to do tangible good whenever possible.

Collaboration with Oulun Matkailu Oy / Visit Oulu

Oulun Matkailu Oy / Visit Oulu is the main organization responsible for the destination marketing of Oulu and its surrounding areas. Its primary mission is to promote the region and attract new customers sustainably and responsibly to the tourism area under the brands Visit Oulu and Pohjola Route.

We are actively involved in collaborative marketing efforts, contributing to the development of the entire tourism area’s future. We aim to promote an open and honest culture of operation, sharing our expertise externally to achieve as much common good as possible for the entire operating area.

Partnerships with local businesses

We collaborate with local entrepreneurs in the surrounding area. Through these partnerships, we can offer a wide range of professionally crafted services to our customers and enhance the year-round visibility of the region.

Educational partnerships

We work together with local educational institutions and offer practice opportunities to future professionals on an annual basis. We are happy to introduce our operations and speak at schools about the opportunities available at Nallikari and in the tourism industry.

Blood donation

Nallikari has its own blood donation group, consisting of all Nallikari employees. With the new workplace certification, our staff can now donate blood during working hours. By setting an example, we aim to encourage others to extend their hand for a good cause and remind everyone that blood donors from all blood types are needed every weekday.

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