Activities for groups

Gather your team and create a memorable day together – we offer a variety of activities for team building and company outings throughout the year. Explore the activities, contact us, and book a day filled with togetherness and teamwork!

Year-round activities

Playful Olympics

Experience the power of teamwork, incredible fun, and unforgettable moments together with your entire team!

Playful Olympics are a perfect way to break free from the daily hustle and provide well-deserved recreation for your team. This is a day where all work roles take a backseat, and everyone can immerse themselves in friendly competition. The Olympics offer a unique opportunity to strengthen the sense of community within the workplace and build stronger bonds among team members. The challenges, victories, and losses experienced together will be remembered for a long time and serve as inspiration for future tasks.

The activity includes a guide and all necessary equipment. Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours. Available year-round for groups of 8-100 people.

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Läskipyöräily on suosittua Oulun Hietasaaressa

Fatbike tours

Bike adventures that combine the beautiful landscapes with the joy of cycling.

Fatbike tours offer the opportunity to escape the everyday hustle and enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Oulu.

There are two types of guided bike tours available: The first takes you on a journey to Oulu’s most famous attractions. The second tour focuses on routes that traverse the coastal and forest areas of Hietasaari.

A fatbike tour is perfect for groups looking to experience new adventures together and create shared memories. The bike tours include a guide and all necessary equipment. Duration: 2-3 hours. Available year-round for groups of 6-20 people.

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Winter activities

Välinevuokraus Nallikarissa

Snowshoeing in Hietasaari or Pilpasuo

Experience the winter landscapes of Hietasaari while snowshoeing with the guide.

Snowshoeing excursion is the perfect way to explore the beauty of the winter nature and enjoy fun outdoor activity together. The excursion can be tailored to your preferences, either in Nallikari or in the peaceful wilderness of Pilpasuo.

Participating in the snowshoeing excursion does not require previous experience. The activity includes guided service and all necessary equipment. For trips taking place in Pilpasuo, transportation from Nallikari can be arranged for an additional fee. The duration of the excursion, depending on the location and is approximately 2-4 hours. Available during the winter season, depending on snow conditions.

These excursions can also be conducted in the evening, giving you the chance to admire the beautiful night sky or with a good luck even the Northern Lights.

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Ice fishing trip in Nallikari

Learn the secrets of ice fishing and experience pure joy on the crisp winter sea ice!

An ice fishing trip in Nallikari provides a great opportunity to discover the intricacies of winter fishing. An experienced guide will share valuable tips and utilize a machine to locate fishes. If luck is on your side, the trip will be crowned with a delicious fish feast.

The excursion includes guidance, a heated pop-up tent, fishing licences, ice fishing rods, lures & baits, ice drills, seats and drinking water. Additional options such as meals, winter clothing, and transportation can also be included in the package. The duration of the trip is approximately 4 hours. Available during the winter season for groups of 6-30 people, when the sea ice conditions are suitable.

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Aurora Hunting Safari in Oulu

Embark on a nocturnal adventure into the Finnish forest, chasing the Northern Lights!

Enjoy the beautiful winter nature of Northern Finland while on our Aurora Hunting safari in Oulu. With a bit of luck, the highlight of the tour is a dance of Auroras across a starry Northern sky.

The Aurora Hunting safari begins at the Nallikari Holiday Village reception, typically between 8-9 PM. After changing clothes, the experience continues with transportation to the Northern lights viewing location in comfortable cars or a bus. While your group is transported, you’ll get to meet our guides who’ll share insights on Finland’s winter nature and the auroras. They will also assist your group with camera and smartphone settings to help capture this unique experience.

This tour can be held from the beginning of October to the end of March. The duration of the trip is approximately 4 hours and can be arranged for groups from 1 person up to over 25 person.

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Nallikarin Talvikylä on talvisen tekemisen keskipiste

Nallikari Winter Village for groups

Experience Nallikari Winter Village with its unforgettable activities exclusively with your own group.

Snow-built slides and ATV tracks, ice sculpting, and winter activities await you. Nallikari Winter Village is the hub of winter fun!

At Nallikari Winter Village, private events for groups ranging from ten to even over a thousand people are possible. The package can include winter activities, transportation, and meals. The duration of the visit can be customized, from a couple of hours to a full day, according to needs.

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Summer activities

Kayaking trip in the Oulu River Delta

Get ready to enjoy the waters and cityscapes of Oulu from a new perspective!

Kayaking provides an excellent opportunity for teamwork. During the trip, you will experience the Oulu River Delta at its best, navigate through the islands within the delta, and relish the fresh air while listening to the soothing sound of water. As part of the offer, we can also include sausages and campfire coffee on one of the islands.

This 2-3 hour excursion is suitable for beginners and is fully guided by professionals from start to finish. All necessary equipment is included in the price. Available for groups of 6-20 people.

Psst. The excursion can also be arranged upon request in the middle of the night, allowing you to enjoy the midnight sun and the nightless night.

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SUP boarding in the Oulu River Delta

Exercise, nature, and boarding!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a growing favorite activity that offers both exercise and fun in one package.

The excursion begins with a professional guide who introduces the basics of SUP and provides guidance on finding the right technique and balance on the board. Afterward, the journey continues through the beautiful landscapes of the river delta, offering an excellent opportunity for relaxation and enjoying the moment.

This 2-3 hour excursion is suitable for beginners and is fully guided by professionals from start to finish. All necessary equipment is included in the price. Available for groups of up to 10 people.

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Tervaveneellä Oulujoella

Tar boat rowing in Oulujoki river

The tranquil waters of the Oulu River conceal a wealth of history and traditions.

On this excursion, you can experience the tar boat rowing as it used to be in the old days with a 16-seat tar boat. Rowing on the Oulu River offers a chance to admire the beauty of the area and listen to the guide’s stories about its history.

The excursion lasts 2-3 hours and can start anywhere along the Oulujoki river. It includes the necessary equipment and guidance. Transportation and meals can be added to the program for an additional fee. This excursion is suitable for groups of 10 to 115 people.

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Kaupunkipyörä jopot vuokrattavissa Nallikari lomakylän vastaanotosta kesäkaudella.

Bicycle tour with Finnish Jopo bikes

Hop on a traditional Finnish city bike, known as a “Jopo,” and explore Oulu’s most famous attractions from the saddle of your bike. The tour lasts 1-3 hours, depending on the route, and is suitable also for beginners.

This tour includes bikes and tour guide and can be organized for groups of 15-30 people.

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