Charge your EV in Nallikari

You can find an AC-type charging station for electric cars in front of the old reception building (subject to a charging fee). The maximum wattage of the charging station is 11 kWh, and it is compatible with all kinds of electric cars and chargeable hybrids. You only need to bring your own cable suited for charging. Charging is allowed only at the charging station! 

The charging station can be used via EasyPark application. Charging price is 0,20 €/kWh and it is determined from how much electricity has been used. Parking the car at the charging area is only permitted during charging. Nallikari Lomakylä does not compensate for damages caused during charging, etc.



  1. Open EasyPark app near your car and enter the number of the charger. Check that GPS of the phone is on. Left charger: 1115 / Right charger: 5111
  2. Choose the plug
  3. Rotate the dial to choose time, what you think you need for charging. Press “START CHARGING” button.
  4. To stop charging, press “END CHARGING” button. Price will be determined from how much electricity has been used.

Download the instructions here