Environmental Policy in Nallikari Holiday Village

We are involved in building sustainable tourism!

Sustainable tourism and responsibility are priorities in all our actions. We want to save the beautiful nature surrounding and give future generations the same possibilities to enjoy it to the fullest. Our ambitious goal is to reduce environmental impacts and find the new sustainable ways to work with.

Certificates part of the sustainable development

We at Nallikari Holiday Village have received the Green Key –certificate for increasing our staff and guests’ environmental knowledge and enhancing the use of energy and water, along with decreasing the environmental stress the accommodation business might cause. As a Green Key certificated establishment we have the internationally recognized Green Key –certification as well as the programme’s support for our environmental work. Read more about the Green Key –programme.

As a continuation of the Green Key-certified environmental work, Nallikari Holiday Village has got Sustainable Travel Finland label on 9th of June 2021 for the first one in Oulu region. Sustainable Travel Finland label tells that the company fills national criteria of sustainable tourism. The goal of the program is that Finland will be socially, culturally, economically and ecologically sustainable tourist destination by 2025. We here at Nallikari Holiday Village are proud to be part of this program. We want to make our own tourism region more sustainable and deeply develop tourism industry to respond to the changing demand and continue to grow.

Carbon footprint

Our carbon footprint has calculated as a cooperation with Ramboll Oy. Carbon footprint means greenhouse gases that are generated by our actions. From a company perspective, it means both direct and indirect emissions. As a result of the calculation, our carbon footprint for the year 2020 was 3,79kg CO2e per overnight stay. This means around 25 driving kilometers by car. The goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in 2030.

Environmental work in Nallikari

Our priority is to take notice of the environment we are working in. We aim to think and work sustainably in everything we do, and through that, decrease our environmental impact and thus save the beautiful nature surrounding us and thereby provide pleasant experiences for our guests. Through our own actions, we guide everyone to act responsibly, e.g recycling waste or by using public transportation or renting a bike from us to use for getting around.

 Exercise, nature and outdoor activities

We support every kind of activity and events that happen in nature and outdoors in the surrounding environment. We rent skis, pedal cars, bicycles, and every winter we collaborate with the Winter Village and encourage to arrange family events in the nearby beach, e.g beach football tournaments.
We give information for our guests about the beautiful Hietasaari and its outdoor pathways, along with the wonderful biking routes and natural attractions all around Oulu.

Finland’s legal concept of everyman’s right gives everyone the chance to enjoy outdoor pursuits, and the freedom of the country’s vast forests and fells, and many lakes and rivers, with few restrictions. Public access to private land is much wider in Finland, and the other
Nordic countries, than in most other countries. Read here more of everyman´s right .

Construction and energy consumption

While building tourism to work sustainably in the area, we aim to reduce our energy consumption by using low energy lamps, reducing the inside temperatures in non-occupied buildings and by setting the overall inside temperatures as even and pleasant as possible for everyone. We also research different alternatives for energy sources, such as solar panels.
We constantly keep track of water and electricity consumption, regularly evaluate our actions and take our guests hopes and experiences into account. You can give us feedback here.

We use environmentally friendly washing and cleaning agents and require our associates to use ecological solutions too.

Fresh and local

We aim to use locally produced products whenever it is possible and also provide local products on our shelves for our guests to buy. Most of our café’s products are made here on the spot, so we are able to provide experiences around local and fresh products for our guests daily.

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