Car-sharing platform PlanBil

Come to Nallikari and rent a car using PlanBil car-sharing platform.

Day tours, shopping trips and all those evening drives around the city. Freedom to come and go without having own car!

PlanBil is a Finnish car-sharing platform, where is possible to rent a car from half an hour to weeks if needed. There is one car at the parking area in front of the Nallikari Holiday Village reception. The car has a marked parking lot where it will be picked up and returned at the end of the booking. Prices from 8 € /h or 59 € /day.

How it works?

  • No separate apps. The PlanBil service can be found at APP.PLANBIL.COM
  • Register for free, add driving license pictures
  • Find the car you want and book it in real-time calendar. Prices from 8 € /h or 59 € /day.
  • Ready made bookings can be found at the reservations tab.
  • Car must be returned the same place where picked it up.
  • Note the others and clean and refill it before returning it.


The service is provided by PlanBil Oy. Please direct all car-related contacts by email or by phone directly to PlanBil.

  • +358 50 581 7987